CEO Message

CEO Message

CEO Message

First of all, I appreciate you all for visiting website of WTC Seoul Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation: WTCS),
the professional property and facility management company for the World Trade Center Seoul.
WTCS offers an effective and an efficient management for properties of Korea International
Trade Association, such as shopping malls and offices at the World Trade Center Seoul, as well as local trade centers in Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, Changwon and Busan.

All of the members of WTCS try to do their best in order to enhance its value of the World Trade Center’s assets and facilities along with providing quality services for customers and visitors.

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety designated the World Trade Center Seoul area,
a MICE special district, as the first Free Outdoor Advertisement Zone on December 1, 2016. Following the designation, WTCS plans to make the area into a global center of tourism where business, trade, tourism, shopping, exhibition, and convention will flourish.

WTCS seeks to systemize property management and improve its service in order to enhance the satisfaction of all the customers using the facilities. Most importantly, we do put a lot of efforts in security and safety around the World Trade Center Seoul, tightening up the control on facilities. Thereby, securing safety for those who work at and visit the World Trade Center Seoul.

WTCS will continue to enrich the World Trade Center at the best quality for people either to do businesses and to enjoy fun cultures in Seoul. I ask for your support as well as encouragement on behalf of all the WTCS members.

I look forward to having you here at the World Trade Center Seoul.

Thank you very much.

CEO, WTC Seoul Co., Ltd. Dr. Choi, Yong Min