About the World Trade Center Seoul

About the World Trade Center Seoul

About the World Trade Center Seoul

The World Trade Center Seoul was established in August 1988 as a key infrastructure for trade development. It was built as an avenue for the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), which represents the Korean trade industry and promotes trade activities, to provide businesses with essential one-stop services.

The World Trade Center Seoul boasts world-class facilities. The Trade Tower, ASEM Tower and the City Air Tower have all contributed to Korea’s growth in becoming the world’s top-class trading power. Comprising of hotels, shopping malls, and a city airport, etc., The complex is Korea’s largest business town and is now a main tourist attraction in Korea famous for cultural activities and shopping.

COEX(Convention & Exhibition) has successfully hosted the ASEM Summit (August 2000), the G-20 Summit (November 2010), the Nuclear Security Summit (April 2012), and many other international summits which have been attended by top leaders from various countries. It has also hosted many different kinds of international exhibitions, meetings, and cultural events, bringing about large-scale economic benefits.

Made up of mostly small and medium-sized companies dealing in trade, logistics, and IT, as well as global corporations and foreign trade organizations, the Office Tower offers these businesses international recognition, business planning, trade information, convenient transportation, various facilities and advanced services that are unique to the World Trade Center Seoul.
Structure of the World Trade Center Seoul
The World Trade Center Seoul is a landmark situated along Yeongdong-daero in Gangnam, Seoul. It is made up of world-class facilities such as the Trade Tower, ASEM Tower, an office building, a trade and convention center (COEX), 5-star hotels, Department Store, and COEX Mall. It provides the ideal space and services for business, exhibitions, international conferences, shopping, dining and entertainment.
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